I have a virtual solo art show with Gallery 1064 opening January 14! 

Play Space by Mindy Baumgartner

Play Space is the first solo show by Mindy Baumgartner for Gallery 1064. In this body of work, the artist plays with watercolor, texture and tri-dimentional elements to explore the theoretical physics concepts that govern the Universe. Physical representations of space as woven strands, dripping paints, broken glass and bubbles, take life in between vibrant watercolor nebulas.

The general theme for the collection is inspired by the book "Einstein's Dreams" by Alan Lightman. Like in the book, Mindy Baumgartner plays with the idea of time, and different realities where it behaves differently than it does in the world as we know it. 

Play Space is playful and colorful and embraces the unknown.

Click here to view the gallery!

Ugh, Covid!  

Currently I'm not participating in any in-person events.  Stay safe!

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